How Much Does Private Football Coaching Cost?


Football sessions cost between £35 and £40 for a 1 hour session. The difference in price is due to the coaching qualification of the coach. 

UEFA A £40 per hour

UEFA B £35 per hour 

Hourly rates are discounted if a coach is booked for 5 or 10 coaching sessions. 

5 sessions 

UEFA A £190 (£38 per hour)

UEFA B £165 (£33 per hour)

10 sessions

UEFA A £360 (£36 per hour) 

UEFA B £315 (£31.50 per hour




Depending on the frequency of your lessons and length, the rate may vary. If you plan to take multiple lessons ask if your football coach offers any package discounts.

Whether you are hoping to learn a new sport or develop your skill, taking football lessons is a great way to learn. Not only will you get some practical instruction from a teacher, you will also clock many hours on the pitch to refine your abilities. This may be beneficial for you, no matter why you are turning to the sport.

The overall cost for your lessons will depend on how long you choose to take football lessons and whether you choose group or private instruction. There are some other factors that can influence your cost, so read on for more information.


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